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Telehealth for you,
and everyone you care for.

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The benefits of an
Allure Telehealth account

Clearly connect with your healthcare provider via secure video chat while easily managing telehealth messages, appointments, and visit history for multiple patient profiles. And with access to any provider in the Allure Telehealth network, you can easily find and chat with medical professionals in nearly every specialty.

Multiple Patient Profiles

Examples of profiles

A family of five can share a single telehealth account, making it simple to manage messages and video appointments for each person in the family. And with built-in email and text notifications, you'll stay on top of message activity and appointment dates for each patient profile.

Direct Provider Messaging

Examples of messages

With approved access from your healthcare provider, you'll be able to kick off appointment requests, general medical questions, or other inquiries directly with your healthcare provider. Keep your medical questions and answers organized in a secure platform instead of relying on phone calls and email.

Multi-Party Video Appointments

Examples of multiparty video appointments

Embrace the power of telehealth by joining your primary care doctor for an appointment with a specialist, or inviting your out-of-state daughter to join a second opinion appointment. Rest assured that your appointment details and healthcare information are private to only those who are invited.

Account Notifications

Examples of notifications

We'll send email and text notifications to the account holder when you receive replies to your medical messages or when new appointments are scheduled for any one of your patient profiles. And to help protect your account security and privacy, we'll also notify you when new profiles are added or changes are made to your account settings.

Vonage Logo

Built on the power and security of Vonage

We harnessed the complexity and dependability of Vonage's vast Healthcare API services to bring accessible, crystal clear, HIPAA-compliant video appointments directly to patients. We're here to help connect you to providers and organize your healthcare visits. And we lean on Vonage to make sure video connections are stable and secure.

Say no more to software and app downloads.

Your entire Allure Telehealth account is based on web technology, accessible from nearly any device at any time. No applications to install and no software updates required. All you need is a modern web browser and access to the internet.

Device Requirements

Internet Connection

  • 1mbps minimum bandwidth (download and upload)
  • Test your connection speed at

Phone or Tablet

  • Built in front-facing camera
  • Built in or external microphone

Desktop, Notebook, or Chromebook

  • Built in or external web camera
  • Built in or external microphone
  • Built in or external speakers

Compatible web browsers

Mac OS

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
    Version 11 or newer


  • Edge
  • Chrome
  • Firefox

Chrome OS

  • Chrome

iOS & iPadOS

  • Safari
    iOS 11+ or iPadOS 13+


  • Chrome
  • Firefox

Built for Healthcare Professionals, too.

Example of healthcare professional interface

If you're a healthcare provider looking to implement a simple telehealth solution that doesn't require massive hardware upgrades and special software or network requirements, we may be just what you need.

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