Allure Telehealth


For Patients

Email our Support Team

Having trouble with your Allure Telehealth patient account? We can help! Send an email to and include the following information:

  • Your name and phone number
  • Email address you use to sign in to your account
  • Detailed description of the trouble you’re having, or what you need help with
  • Your web browser and operating system (examples: Windows 10 with Edge web browser, or iPhone 7 with Safari browser)

Support over Phone

We do offer phone support and training when needed, but for security and verification purposes we require that you first notify of us of your issue via email. See the “Email Our Support Team” section above for more information.

For Healthcare Providers

Join the Allure Telehealth Network

Are you a healthcare provider looking to join the Allure Telehealth network, or looking for a telemedicine platform that can help grow your practice? Send an email to our provider onboarding team at